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Welcome to Lost Treasure, the treasure hunter's guide to adventure & fortune. Lost Treasure Magazine is published monthly in print and digital format, allowing worldwide distribution and the ability to use computer search techniques to quickly find information inside each issue, a further aid to people wanting to find treasures on their own. An enthusiastic roster of writers regularly contribute articles, with each issue containing vibrant tales of a historical nature and educational tips on the latest methods and equipment to find lost treasures of all types. In a way, the name of the flagship magazine is ironic. Lost Treasure is very much a found treasure, enriching the lives of all the people who publish it, who depend upon its publication to market their wares and especially the people who have looked forward to its arrival every month for decades to inform and entertain.


How To Be A Minuteman
By Jay Pastor
From Page 10
April, 1997 issue of Treasure Facts

"Take care of your horse." Col. Sherman T. Potter, M*A*S*H* 4077

When vehicles burned oats instead of gas, Cavalry men and Pony Express riders watered and fed their horses before they bathed or dined themselves. They realized that the anim... (1162 Total Words)

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Rubbin' It In
By Chad Rial
From Page 7
April, 1998 issue of Lost Treasure

Imagine reaching your hand deep into a dark cupboard and feeling something soft. Your first instinct may be to quickly pull your hand away, maybe even give a little shout. That is what happened to my father. He had just purchased a small farmhouse... (460 Total Words)

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