Skeleton Canyon Treasure
By Robert Miller
From Page 35
August, 1971 issue of True Treasure
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In the southeastern corner of Arizona reportedly lies one of the most famous buried treasures of the west. In or near Skeleton Canyon, $2,000,000 in gold, silver and diamonds is said to await the lucky finder.

While many prospectors in the early 1880s were striking it rich by digging for the earths treasure, others like Curly Bill Brocius and his outlaw band chose to make their fortune by ambushing Mexican smugglers.

In 1881 or 82, Jim Hughes, an outlaw in Curly Bills gang, learned that a rich peck train would be coming through Skeleton Canyon. Unable to locate Curly Bill in time to direct the massacre, he chose seven men and rode to intercept the Mexican smugglers.

Hidden in the rocks near the mouth of the canyon, they were able to surprise the Mexicans and kill them all. One outlaw was reportedly killed and one wounded. During the fight, the 30 to 40 treasure-laden mules, frightened by gunfire, ran wildly about the canyon.

Hughes ordered them all shot, but after his order had been carried out he realized there was too much treasure for the outlaws to carry away on their horses. They loaded their pockets with dobie dollars and buried the remainder of the treasure, planning to return with wagons to haul it away.

Five of the outlaws rode to Galeyville and two remained behindthe wounded men, Zwing Hunt and Billy Grounds. When Hunts condition improved, he and Grounds decided to double-cross the rest of the gang.

With the help of a Mexican rancher and his wagon, they removed the treasure and reburied it in another place. Then they murdered the only witnessthe rancherand burned his wagon. A few weeks later, Grounds and Hunt were trapped after an unsuccessful holdup and Grounds was killed. Hunt was wounded and taken to a hospital, where he escaped a few days later.

Apparently Hunt never made it back to recover the treasure. On his death bed, sometime later, he told where the treasure was buriedat the foot of Davis Mountain, between Gum Spring and Silver Spring, at a site marked by two crosses carved one on top of the other on a flat stone.

However, there is no Davis Mountain in the area. Perhaps that is why no one has ever found the treasure.


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