'49er Miner

By Reggie Gould
From page 22 of the March, 2004 issue of Lost Treasure
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The 49er Miner. I always associated that phrase with the discovery of gold at what is now known as Sutters Mill in Coloma, California. It is written in the history books that while building a sawmill, to supply building materials for his businesses in the booming city of Sacramento, gold was discovered in the tailrace of the mill. The nugget was only the size of a pea but it started a huge Gold Rush in California. The size of the nugget was also left out of the textbooks but I saw a facsimile of the real one at the Coloma museum. Until I moved to the Mother Lode Belt, which parallels Highway 49, I didnt have a clue to the real story about the Gold Rush. Now that I live less than 10 miles from Highway 49 and Coloma, I have been exposed to much more of the rich history.
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