Confederate Gold In Florida

By Bill Henry
From page 55 of the March, 1970 issue of Treasure World
Copyright © 1970 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

During the Civil War, a large shipment of gold bullionreportedly $500,000was being transported through Florida by a detachment of Confederate soldiers. The gold was to be delivered to confederate agents in Cuba, but it never reached its destination, for a large force of Union soldiers drove into the area in pursuit of the rebels.

The Confederates did not want the gold to fall into enemy hands, regardless of the outcome of battle, so they decided to hide the shipment in the nearby Everglades. Accordingly, they fell back before the advancing Union forces into the infamous Everglades. There the commanding officer, Capt. Riley, chose a spot and buried the gold before moving into an ill-fated clash with the enemy.

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