Don't Pan Gold - Spin It

By Helen Peters
From page 50 of the December, 1990 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 1990 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Ed Cole built a better mousetrap. Meet the El Dorado Spinner - a centrifugal concentrator and swirling-water (centripetal) separator. An experienced, long-time gold miner, Ed says, "It is the only device, other than your trusty gold pan, that not only separates concentrates down to pure gold, but does it faster and better." He’s right.The swirling-water (centripetal) separator action of the Spinner means that the gold miner who has labored so hard for pay dirt is going to recover most of the micro-gold that usually floats away with the black sand he discards during his final cleanup.It means he’s going realize a greater amount of gold from a given amount of concentrate than he has in the past. It means he’ll realize more gold in less working time.
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