Forgotten Gold Mine

By Steve Wilson
From page 41 of the July, 1970 issue of Treasure World
Copyright © 1970 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Capt. Charles Henry Hallett was one of a rare breed of men, one who should have written his own autobiography. At least, he should have allowed someone to write it for him. Although secretive in his actions, none can deny that his primary purpose in life was the finding of gold. In that pursuit he scored many firsts.

As a mining engineer, explorer and trailblazer, Capt. Hallett had prospected since 1858, first in Oregon and later at Cripple Creek, before the latter field produced a rush. Still later, he had been among the first to blaze into Alaska in 1897, and became a member of the party that explored farther north than any other.

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