The Gold Fields of Alabama

By Wayne Ruple
From page 60 of the June, 1980 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 1980 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

More than 100 gold mines were opened in Alabama during the 1800’s, 70 of them in the Talladega Slates in the Upper Gold Belt or Dahlonega Belt, which runs from northern Georgia into Alabama. The Upper Gold Belt ran from Muscadine in Cleburne County to Hog Mountain in Coosa County. Between 1830 and 1970, more than 49,500 ounces of pure gold were taken from Alabama’s streams and soil. At a price of $600 an ounce, the worth of the gold would be $29,700,000.Gold was first discovered in Alabama in 1832 in Cleburne County in the Arbacoochee Mine. According to historian George W. Yarbrough, this was probably the most profitable gold mine in Alabama’s history.
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