Gold Is Forever

By Bob "frogfoot" Weller
From page 24 of the December, 2006 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 2006 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

The Treasure Coast of Florida is back in action!

During the week of August 5th, the salvage vessel New World Legacy, under subcontract to the Mel Fisher Center in Sebastian, and captained by treasure salvor Sean Big Swede Duncan, recovered a 22 oz. gold bar in 15 feet of water.

The bar was recovered from the scattered remains of the 1715 Spanish galleon Regla, the Capitana of the treasure fleet, which struck the Florida reefs 5 miles north of Vero Beach on July 30, 1715. The wreck site is scattered over the better part of 3 miles of rugged reefs from the beach to as much as 500 yards offshore. The bar was located while randomly searching the inshore reefs that rise as close as 4 feet from the surface. Diver Vince Jennelle was also a part of the bars recovery.

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