Lost Arkansas Silver Mine

By Jacques Tisserand
From page 23 of the April, 1971 issue of True Treasure
Copyright © 1971 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

In Boone County, Arkansas, there is an old Spanish silver mine on a mountain that now waits to be found for the third time. It happened this way:

In 1880, near what is now the community of Batavia in Boone County, the proprietor of Reas General Store sat with his sons at the supper table and listened to a story told in broken English by an old man who apparently was of Spanish descent.

Earlier, the old man had meekly asked for food and a place to sleep. After having been kindly cared for by Rea, he may, have told his story as a means of repaying the storekeepers generosity. Whatever his motives, the old man laid out a weathered map on the table and with a gnarled forefinger he pointed out a symbol which be interpreted as Pilot Knob.

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