Lost Gold Mines Of Alaska

By William Fee
From page 28 of the March, 1994 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 1994 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

When the name Alaska is mentioned to a lot of people, it conjures up visions of gold, griz­zlies, glaciers, moose, clear moun­tain streams, and snow capped mountains. These visions are all true, but there are always the rumors about lost treasure, fabulous paystreaks, or a missing ledge of gold and Alaska has its share of lost gold mines.

There are perhaps hundreds of gold mines and paystreaks lost in Alaskas vast 586,412 square miles, all like golden needles in a rugged frozen haystack. Until youve expe­rienced the great paradise Alaska is, and wandered its mountains, gulches, and vast hummock cov­ered tundra, you wont understand why gold mines, ledges, and paystreaks become lost in the land of the midnight sun.

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