Lost Golden Ledge

By Leonard E Snider Jr
From page 52 of the August, 1969 issue of True Treasure
Copyright © 1969 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Many years ago, five men with pack horses left Walla Walla, Washington, for the railroad tie camp at Jarbow Meadows, between Tollgate and Troy, Oregon. The men followed an old Indian trail along Mclntrye Ridge, roughly paralleling the Walla Walla River.

When darkness overtook them, they left the Indian trail and went into a canyon to make camp near a small creek. Next morning, instead of returning to the Indian trail, they took a shortcut to the tie camp. On the way up the canyon wall from the creek, one of the riders noticed a strange outcropping of rock on a nearby ledge. Being interested in mining, the men took samples of the formation and put them in their saddlebags.

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