Lost Jesuit Treasure

By Andrew Hind
From page 8 of the August, 2012 issue of Lost Treasure
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History is everywhere in St. Marie among the Hurons, the recreated Jesuit mission in Midland, Ontario.

It’s in the foundations of the original 17th century Jesuit mission fort upon which the current buildings stand.

It’s in the relics archeologists unearthed on-site and which are today displayed in the museum.

It’s in the graves of inhabitants, Jesuit and Huron alike, who were laid to rest here.

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Archeologists uncovered the graves of many victims of the Iroquois violence of 1648. A year later, Saint-Marie and its graveyard would be abandoned in the face of imminent attack. This photo hints at the size and scope of Sainte-Marie, which at its height was home to 60 Europeans, 1/5th of the entire European population of New France.

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