Lost Placer Mine Of The Yellowstone

By Rex Bundy
From page 62 of the November, 1972 issue of Treasure World
Copyright © 1972 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

In the mountains south of Livingston, Montana, near a road leading to Yellowstone Park, but hidden in one of the gulches which roar each spring with water from the melted snows, lies the rich lost placer of David B. Weaver.

Weaver worked one placer in the area with two partners, David R. Shorthill and Frank Garrett. They made money, but Weaver was a man with a curious mind and lots of energy. He wasnt satisfied with working a mediocre claim.

Weaver was born, on a farm in Huntington County, Pennsylvania, on March 7, 1840. As a young man he engaged in coal mining with his lifelong friend Shorthill, until a local man returned home from the gold strike in Idaho Territory. His stories fired their imagination and nothing could hold the two young men.

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