Lost Stagecoach Loot At Conejos

By Ken Weinman
From page 48 of the November, 1993 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 1993 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

During the latter part of July 1881, a Negro bandit known only as Thomas, stopped and held up a stage­coach near the small town of Conejos in Southern Colorado. The stagecoach was on its regular run from Antonito to Alamosa, and was carrying an undetermined amount of gold coins in a strongbox and some gold ingots wrapped up in heavy packages, disguised as ordinary freight.

As the stagecoach wheeled into a stretch of smooth road between some large rocks, a lone masked gunman appeared with his six-gun leveled at the driver and shotgun guard. Caught completely by surprise, the driver quickly brought the stage to a halt. Motioning with his revolver, the robber told the guard to drop his shotgun and to raise his hands into the air.

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