Maximilians Treasure-fact Or Fiction

By Eugene Anderson
From page 59 of the July, 1970 issue of Treasure World
Copyright © 1970 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Silently and swiftly, Emperor Maximilians most trusted military aides were brutally murdered. This ruthless act, by six ex-Confederate soldiers, was to start a chain of events which would intrigue both historians and treasure hunters for more than a century. This interest remains today.

Where is Maximilians gold?

To the treasure buff, with information based on the word of one lone, dying ex-Confederate soldier of questionable repute, the murder-robbery of Maximilians aides occurred near Castle Gap in far West Texas, in the year 1866.

To the historian, this event, which will be evaluated further as we delve deeper into the story of the emperors treasure, appears highly improbable.

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