Missing Spanish Church Treasure In New Mexico

By Xanthus Carson
From page 22 of the November, 1971 issue of Treasure World
Copyright © 1971 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

A few years ago an old Spanish gentleman, then 91 years of age, told me about a lost cave of gold along the Gallinas River, south and a little east of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

His name was Ramon Lucero and he was a descendant of Spanish people who had settled in the Gallinas country during the early 1700s, having come north over the Chihuahua Trail from Mexico. The Spanish province at this time was just becoming considered safe enough for settlement again, following the bloody Indian revolt of 1680.

As he related his story of the lost cave of gold, Lucero inadvertently gave me another talethis one of an old Spanish treasure that had become lost when the first settlement church was destroyed during an Indian raid.

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