Oregon Gold Searches

By Art Redman
From page 8 of the November, 2012 issue of Lost Treasure
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The Gales Creek Mine
The story behind the Lost Mine of Gales Creek in northwestern Oregon is easy to determine.
In the fall of 1971, a writer from New Meadows, Idaho, wrote a letter to “Gold” magazine about the “Gayles” Creek mine.
The fact that Carl Truet misspelled the name of the creek was overlooked by two writers when they listed a lost mine on Gayles Creek in a treasure map atlas in 1974 and a 1978 Bibliography of “Lost Mines of the West.”
The correct spelling is Gales Creek, named for Joseph Gale who settled at the base of a 1,788-foot high mountain, which was later named Gales Peak, after he came to Oregon in 1834.
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