Outlaw Gold In Kansas

By Ben Townsend
From page 30 of the April, 1975 issue of True Treasure
Copyright © 1975 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

On a dismal afternoon in December, 1895, outlaw Bill Doolins droopy mustache drooped more than usual. He was in the Guthrie, Oklahoma, jail, facing the unpleasant prospects of either swinging from a rope or confiding to a guard the location of some of his buried loot. His troves, estimated at $75,000 to $100,000, were accumulated at great risk, and the bandit would as soon part with his life as tell where they were.

Even so, Doolin was scheming to find a way to use his buried gold to gain his freedom. Doolin counted on the guards greed to enable him to break out when darkness fell.

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