Southwestern Gold

By James E. Mulkey
From page 36 of the March, 2004 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 2004 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Long after native horses vanished from North America (about 8000 B.C.), Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led an army from Mexico through the American Southwest in 1540. Coronado reached the Pueblo villages and his lieutenant, Garcia Lopez de Cardenas, discovered the Grand Canyon in 1542.Coronado’s search for the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola, where the streets were supposedly paved with gold, ended without success. After Coronado and his conquistadors gave up the search for the golden city, rumors of a rich gold mine adjacent to a red hill, Cerro Colorado, located at the foot of a blue mountain (Sierra Azul) continued to persist.
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