Treasure Hunting For Georgia Gems

By Carl Fischer
From page 22 of the November, 1980 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 1980 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

 "My hobby is lapidary work and I particularly enjoy faceting," Jim said that night to the group that was visiting friends of ours in Augusta, Georgia. "But I've never found anything worth bringing home in this area. That's why I buy all my rough material from a dealer who carries a variety of gemstones. That way I feel that I'm spared the agony of disappointment in trying to find good cutting material in Georgia."  If you've never cut a gemstone that you found in the wilds, Jim, you're really not in a good position to pass judgment, are you? I asked him. Once you find an interesting gemstone, orient it, pre-shape it, cut and polish it, you will know what real satisfaction is like.
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