Treasures Of South Carolina

By Herb Goldberger
From page 32 of the April, 2000 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 2000 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Looking for a southern state to do some treasure hunting? If so, try the Palmetto state of South Carolina. Not much has been written over the years about the states treasure sites, but it does contain lost pirate loot, fort sites, battle sites, some very interesting sunken ship sites plus a lot of buried gold and some great historic sites.
Pirate treasure is buried on the south bank of the Santee River near the Port Royal Sound which is a famous pirate anchorage.
An area around Georgetown has been classified as a famous haunt for pirates. The area also has $100,000 which was buried in Murrells Inlet. It additionally abounds in buried treasure mainly because the east coast area has been classified as the famous haunt for pirates and slave traders.
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