Where Is General Braddock's Lost Gold?

By James Rada, Jr.
From page 29 of the August, 2011 issue of Lost Treasure
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Somewhere between Cumberland, Maryland, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a chest of gold coins lies hidden with what could amount to a couple million dollars in gold.
It is buried beneath a tree at the confluence of two rivers, according to only survivor of the men who hid the chest from French soldiers and Indian warriors in 1755.
And yet no one has found it.
The fact and the legend, obfuscated by more than 250 years, have led treasure hunters for years to wonder, “Where is General Braddock’s lost gold?”Braddock’s Expedition
General Edward Braddock left Fort Cumberland on June 6, 1755, heading toward Fort Duquesne in western Pennsylvania.
The difficult terrain of steep mountain ridges and thick forests slowed their progress.
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