Colorad spanish gold

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Ooes anyone know how many of the southern colorado spanish gold tales have been solved.Also does anyone know of the spanish tale of the solid gold cast jesus statue.

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The gold Jesus is in Utah

The gold Jesus is in Utah within 50 miles of bryce canyon,as far as I know it's still there. There are scores of Spanich mines waiting to be found. Good hunting, kane 23

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I know this isnt what you asked for but it is in southern Colorado. A couple train robbers made off with a quarter of a million dollars in gold coins. A posse caught and killed the robbers but no gold was found. its belived to have been burried in Trinidad.

And for the golden Jesus. I cant find anything in my books or do I remember hearing of it before but I have heard of a golden Mummy buried in La Veta Cristo Mtns.

Sorry if I didnt help. But if you are in search of a spanish mine or gold I would go for the one in Purgatoty Canyon Las Animas Co. It seems to have a lot of documented
research on it.