Gold Flakes

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Newbie question of the day: Suppose you find some of what you think is gold flakes on your last treasure hunt? There is an amount significant enough to where you feel a troy ounce could be made. What would be the best way to convert this find into cash? Do you self-test in the event you picked up something other than gold and what would you use for that? Do you leave it as flakes or do you melt it down and take it to a gold dealer? OR is there some sort of exchange that you take it in and get a fair price? Your thoughts on how to deal with this would be appreciated.

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  4rob2,  You'd want to collect at least a few ounces of the material in question, and clean it as much as possible, take the sample to a "known" assayer for an analysis to see what you have and to what percentage Au.  If, in fact, it is gold flake, you can collect and sell as flake,check local jewelers to see if they're interested, melt it yourself and collect the "buttons", just keep the flake in collector vials, or wait 'til you have a good quantity and take/send it to a smelter (they'll do their own analysis and shoot you a price) and I'm sure you'll get other ideas.  Here's hoping you found the real thing.  Norm