Lost Civil War Treasure in Danville, Virginia

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The Discovery Channel or the History Channel has been doing some searching for the Lost Confederate Gold supposedly buried somewhere in Danville, VA. during the last days of the Civil War during President Jefferson Davis' retreat from Richmond.The City of Danville has been very protective when it comes to having people or organizations look for this gold if it involved digging on any kind.The organization looking recently was using what was described as side scan sonar in the old Civil War Cemetery in Danville.Does anyone know anything of there findings.

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show time

That show will air thursday ,12/30/2010 at 9:oo pm on the history channel . Happy hunting to everyone.

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Confederate Treasure in Danville

The History Channel had a crew in Danville during September 2010. They were searching for what is thought to be 49 barrels of Mexican silver dollars which were part of the Confederate treasury. Each barrel held 4000 coins for a total of $196,000 in face value.  The History channel footage is going to be part of an episode of "Brad Meltzer's Decoded" series. Supposedly the crew was very tight-lipped about their findings and bound by a confidentiality agreement.  They were using ground penetrating radar and other metal detectors in and around several Civil War sites in the area, but focused much of their attention on the Green Hill Cemetery. I'm going to set my DVR to record this series, it should be very interesting.

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I don't, but it is an

I don't, but it is an interesting topic.