A Guide to Treasure in Colorado

A Guide to Treasure in Colorado

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So you want to hear about treasures in Colorado? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I see some of you’ve brought fold-down chairs, the rest of you can pull around that old log, or use that food chest there. Glad to see you brought the ladies, or they brought you, whichever. There’s plenty to tell. Things have been lost or hidden on purpose from the Kansas line to Utah, stashed from the border into New Mexico north to where Wyoming begins. There's tales of treasures up close to Nebraska down to where if you walk a ways you’ll be in Arizona. Colorado has all sorts of treasure stories, but I want to remind you that for every such tale you listen to here there are a hundred more that never offended a human ear. Don’t ever forget it,folks don’t talk about good things they’ve found, then lost. Nor do most people talk about stashes they’ve put down. The things they hid were meant to stay hidden, so don’t worry about ever running out of treasures still lost and hidden away.



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