A Guide to Treasure in Montana and Wyoming

A Guide to Treasure in Montana and Wyoming
A Guide to Treasure in Montana and Wyoming

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Thar's gold in them that hills" is as true of Montana today as it was a hundred years ago. Of course, the nuggets are diminishing and much more difficult to get now, but they are found in surprising numbers. Not only gold, but the precious and semi-precious stones in those hills have given Montana the epithet of "The Treasure State." Montana has produced more gem sapphires than any other state in the nation. It has extensive commercial deposits of green, yellow, red and aquamarine sapphires. The cornflower blue sapphires of Yogo Gulch are gems of great value. Rubies, garnets, agates, and other semi-precious stones are plentiful, while stones of less commercial value offer prizes to rockhounds who seek variety and unusual features in their specimens. For the treasure hunter, the Treasure State has special significance. History and romance are replete with stories of buried and hidden riches left in the valleys, hills and plains of Montana. The ghost towns in the state are magnets for relic hunters. After the discovery of gold, a miner's camp sprang up around every gold deposit, only to be abandoned when the ore was exhausted. Many of these former camps are now decaying scraps of wood, weed-topped and scattered, amid a few odd pieces of crude mining equipment. But some of the camps look as if the inhabitants had just walked away leaving everything intact.


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