How to Find Lost Treasure

How to Find Lost Treasure
How to Find Lost TreasureHow to Find Lost TreasureHow to Find Lost TreasureHow to Find Lost Treasure

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Today’s metal detectors are almost unbelievably easy to use. Touch a single control pad on a modern computerized instrument and begin finding treasure immediately. You may never have to touch another control. It’s that easy to hunt with today’s One-Touch instruments! Yes, that’s all there is to it! Moreover, visual target indicators on some detectors report on every target over which your searchcoil sweeps. That’s right, you see on your detector screen every target you encounter, and you get an audible alert on those worth digging. Imaging by Garrett® even discloses a target’s size! Now, I’m talking about quality instruments...not the inexpensive “toys” that have discouraged so many people because they just wouldn’t find much of anything. And that’s what will be discussed in this booklet...quality metal detectors that are, in truth, scientific instruments. Let me just say that I’ve been using my own high quality detectors to find all sorts of things for more than 40 years, and I’m still amazed at the ease with which our newer models can be operated. Automatic One Touch detectors are so simple that it’s sometimes uncanny. Modern computerized circuitry will find more treasure and will find it quicker and easier than even the best of yesterday’s instruments. For more than 40 years, Garrett has designed and manufactured equipment in the continuing progress of metal detection worldwide.


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