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June winner

it was posted July 9 on the contest page

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June winner?

Haven't seen an announcement

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ad for essays

While some might not have wanted to read a forum post that long, I have to say many enjoyed it and actually got a lot out of it. So it just goes to show the old saying...you can't please all the people all the time. And that's why we welcome all thoughts that are wholesome, kind spirited and treasure hunting related!

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ad for writing essays

you might do even better if you posted on a site that would have people needing to write essays instead of one about treasure hunting.

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the information.

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Treasure story!!

Where is Mumbai, Louisiana?? Ha Ha Ha!!

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That's wonderful stuff you've

Very good points you wrote here..Great stuff...I think you've made some truly interesting points.Keep up the good work.

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mr beginner

you did not say what kind hunting you where wanting to do.the key to any kind of hunting is research. the library is the best place to go.another place is newspaper morge.there are a lot of books out right now that can tell you how to get started.here in the losttreasure store will have some of thoes books.talk to the people at your local coffeeshop.i could go on and on but you get the idea good luck and good hunting......

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Exited :)

I'm exited I'm gonna get the subscription and the 2013 treasure cache/treasure facts !

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getting started

just wanted to thank you for the information. wish me luck

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Getting started

The first thing I can say is if you are looking to fing gold buy the best gold detector you can afford. I use a Whites GMT. It is an $800 detector. If I could afford a Minelab top of the line detector I would be spending $5000.00 or more.

The Whites is a great machine but it may not detect as deep as the Minelab. I say may not because it depends where you hunt. Originally the Minelab was developed for use in Australia. Their soil conditions are similar to the SW USA. The newest Minelabs may be more flexible to terrain now. I have not used the newer detectors so can't say for sure.

Once you have a detector in hand, do some research. Find areas where others are finding gold. The gold is not going to play out like some think. Yes the easy ones might get found but the processes that put the gold there in the first place are still continuing today. Erosion, water movement or even mans movement of soil can expose or make available new gold.

Learn your machine. Read the instruction front to back then do it again. Read through it 10 times in a week and you will probably never need to read it again. The best way to learn your detector is to use it. Use it a lot. Learn how it reacts to different metals. Put a gold sample on the end of a wood yard stick and see how far away your detector will pick it up. Wave your bare hand close to the coil and see what happens. The GMT will detect the mineral salts in your skin. It's that sensitive!

Other then that see if there is a local detector club in your area. Go to the meetings and join. Go on some outings and find someone willing to be a mentor. It's more fun to detect with a partner then alone anyway.

One last thing. Don't get discouraged. You will dig tons of trash before you find your first gold on average. Some of the trash may be an interesting artifact. I know friends that have found old picks and shovels and even an old rusty pistol. You may find some coins and lots of bullets. Speaking of lead if you are finding bird shot, cheer up because you are doing everything right. It's just a matter of being where the gold is a time in the field

Good Hunting,


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Whites GMT beginner

I can use some pointers on how to get started.

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