The Treasure Hunter's Handbook

The Treasure Hunter's Handbook
The Treasure Hunter's Handbook

This book is available in print format only Excerpt from 'The Treasure Hunter's Handbook'

This brand new, 256-page book is crammed full of tips, techniques, forms, references to related books, magazines, videos and Internet forums and more that are guaranteed to help you become more successful no matter what type of treasure hunting you might be involved in or thinking about trying. Some of the topics covered include: · The “Formula for Success” - a step-by-step guide · Research techniques that can help you find sites others have overlooked · Recovering targets faster allowing you to find in less time · Equipment – what to use & how to use it · Accessories that can help you find more and enjoy your time in the field · How to get the most for anything you find if you opt to sell it · Identifying, cleaning, preserving, and documenting what you find · Details on clubs, organizations and laws worldwide In addition, the Buyers Guide contains details & photos on more than 125 metal detectors currently on the market from manufacturers around the world and concludes with a chart that allows for easy comparison of features from model-to-model to help you make a sound buying decision. Whether you’re an experienced treasure hunter or just getting started, the information in this book is guaranteed to help you become more productive in your searches! Remember - Just one new technique or idea can help you make that "once-in-a-lifetime" find!


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