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in the February Lost Treasure Sweepstakes

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Please answer this question:
The M6 was designed for what type of hunters?
(The answer can be found in the ad above. Read more about the White's Electronics line of detectors.)
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Complete Sweepstakes Rules & Regulations:

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. Grand Prize: The White's M6. Prize cannot be transferred or substituted. Taxes are the responsibility of the winner. All prizes will be awarded.
  3. Deadline: Sweepstakes begins February 1st, 2015. Entries must be received by midnight Eastern Time (U.S.) on February 31st, 2015. Winners are drawn on the 3rd day of each month, or the next proceeding business day if the 3rd should fall on any holiday, weekend or any other non-working day, and posted in the second Newsletter each month. Winners will be notified by e-mail (or by mail if no e-mail address is given). The previous winners page will be updated on the 1st of the month if information is available.
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sreigel's picture

Pretty Popular Already

The Deus has been out in Europe for a little over 2 years, so it is a proven detector.  It was just released in the United States in late February/early March and already the distributors cannot keep up with the demand and the detector is on backorder.  With all of the good press about the Deus from our friends across the pond on all of the Metal Detecting Forums, it did not take long to become an instant hit in the United States.  It's a little bit pricey, so a lot of folks will wait for some feedback to come out before considering it (just like the V3, V3I, and E-Trac), but do not wait to long as the distributors are taking backorders/layaways on them right now and who knows when the price will go up.         

adrian C's picture

xp deus

The detector sounds like a neet detector ,but the price is a little high when folks are able to buy a Whites V3i with all the bells & whistles at well below what the MSRP on that detector is I think they have to do some serious show & tell befor it will become popular!

adrian C's picture

xp deus

The detector sounds like a neet detector ,but the price is a little high when folks are able to buy a Whites V3i with all the bells & whistles at well below what the MSRP on that detector is I think they have to do some serious show & tell befor it will become popular!

sreigel's picture

Coil is

The Deus itself is not waterproof, but the coil is.  Since the detector is wireless and uses a radio signal to send the signal from the coil to the control unit and the headphones, an optional antenna is needed which connects to the coil to use the coil underwater.  Without the antenna, the signal is not strong enough to make it through the water.  

goldnugget's picture

Deus Detector

I may have missed something, is this Detector waterproof or maybe the coil is submersible. I mainly Detect the Beaches of the East Coast.

sreigel's picture

XP Deus

This is from Andy Sabisch Web Site.  Andy also did a Field Test Report in the May issue of Lost Treasure.  I cannot attest to the perfornance of the Deus compared to the MXT as I've never used an MXT.XP Metal Detectors is a relative newcomer to the metal detecting field having been founded in 1998 by Alain Loubet.  An avid treasure hunter, Alain saw areas where current metal detector technology and design could be improved upon and decided to start his own company building detectors to address these areas.  Without a full line of existing products which would have the tendency to direct his efforts to tweak existing designs to come up with new models, Alain and his team of developers worked from a "blank slate" and started to design features that addressed recognized issues where they counted - in the field!It wasn't long before XP detectors were seen in the hands of detectorists that recognized the performance they provided and the finds being unearthed through their use grew exponentially.  The first model was soon joined by additional units offering features and functions not found on other detectors . . . . . and the current line of 5 models has gained a loyal following throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and beyond.The flagship in the XP line is called the Deus and is truly a revolutionary step in metal detector design rather than simply a small evolutionary change that many model changes tend to be.  Years in development, the Deus is unique in many ways and offers a level of performance that will satisfy even the most "hard-core" of hunters . . . . some of these include the following:

  • Totally wireless . . . . . no coil cable, no headphone wire . . . nothing to get snagged on in the field!  Swapping coils is a breeze since there are no connections or cables to deal with.
  • Feather weight . . . . . the total weight of the entire unit with the control unit mounted on the shaft is 2.2 pounds and less than 2 pounds with it removed . . . imagine a professional-grade detector that weighs less than anything you've seen before!
  • The control unit can be hipmounted, placed in your pocket or left at home . . . . . Yes, believe it or not, the detector can be fully controlled with the touchpads on the wireless headphones!
  • Your choice of 4 operating frequencies (4kHz ; 8kHz ; 12kHz ; 18kHz) so you can pick the optimal frequency for the targets you seek and the sites you search + the ability to shift these in case of outside interference
  • Extremely fast recovery speed allowing you to pick out valuable targets from trash . . . . and that is where the goodies are still hiding!
  • Intuitive menu structure . . . . well laid out and easy to navigate around in when looking to make a specific adjustment . . . . find what you want right away!
  • Full adjustable audio response (number of tones, audio frequency and break points are all easily modified)
  • Notch discrimination
  • Precise ground balance circuitry with 4 separate options - : Tracking (automatic), Pumping (fixes the GB for a specific location), Manual and  Beach (provides an alternate range optimized for salt water beaches)
  • Motion search mode and 4 non-motion modes . . . . switch easily between these for pinpointing or checking targets
  • Extended discrimination range offering enhanced iron identification and rejection
  • Pre-configured factory programs developed from years of actual in-field usage (9 "Turn-on-and-Go" programs) - all of which can be easily modified and saved for future use

XP designed the Deus from the ground-up and every aspect of the detector was developed to meet a specific requirement the team had identified during the design phase.  Features that have never been found together on a single detector were assembled during the development phase and thanks to the ingenuity of the XP team, came to fruition when the Deus began to roll off the assembly line.Another example of how XP has incorporated 21st century technology into the Deus and gives buyers the comfort of knowing that they will not be buying a detector that is obsolete a few weeks or a few months after getting it is the Software Update function.  Through the use of the USB connection on the base of the control unit and leveraging the flexibility of an all-digital platform, future updates to the Deus can be downloaded from the XP website and uploaded to your detector . . . . what other detector offers that upgradeability!

adrian C's picture

xp deus

Just wondering how the detector stacks up against the whites mxt?

shines13's picture

Spell check

That was priceless!

pryan67's picture

now THAT would rock... but

now THAT would rock... but the M6 will be nice to win as well.... Can we win more than once? :)

sreigel's picture

Next Giveaway is an XP Deus

Seen in the May Lost Teasure that the next giveaway machine is the XP Deus.  I just purchased one, but would love to win another.  This machine right now is hard to come by in the US.  Dealers that carry them now are having a hard time keeping up with demand.Good luck everyone and happy hunting. 

sandsifter's picture

American Digger

He is ligit. I have met him and hunted with him one time. He goes by the book of rules most diggers have. I would hunt with him again if I get the chance. Him and his wife are wonderful people and look forward to see his show. 

cladmike's picture

new digging shows

I think the shows are good too I agree about american diggers you sould ask if you can bring in heavy equipment. But on the other hand they may have already asked the land owners for permition to bring in the heavy equipment  off camera.And splitting the profit is going to make it harder for us every day diggers to get into new places to dig if the land owners have seen the show......

jmann's picture

spell check on my phone stinks

It should have said congratulations

F75se f70 omega8000 garrett pin pointer. Have used v3i dfx xlt minelab se pro at pro...........want xp my f75 se best detector on the market. Deepest by far!

pryan67's picture

I've seen them both... from

I've seen them both... from an entertainment standpoint, I like both...but as a MD'er, I don't think that either one will help the hobby at all

tbords's picture


WHAT DOES EVERYONE THINK ABOUT THE 2 NEW TREASURE HUNTING SHOWS? (sorry bout the caps) I like diggers on  nat geo  they ask permmission to hunt property on they seem be respectful when they dig up and be true the hobby. but that american digger one on discovery chanel I have a concern with,  that it will give the hobby a bad name, its with the pro wrestler and they show up at your house/property with a back hoe to dig up even though  they cover everything back up and split the profit of the finds with,  I think this particular show just leaves a bad taste to the art of detecting..has anyone seen either of these shows

pryan67's picture

here's hoping

Here's hoping that in a couple of weeks my name will be posted as the winner :)Thanks for the contest...

chuck ky's picture


don't know what you're refering to. if its the last 2 post about winners ones the jan. winner and ones the feb. winner. someone may have already pointed this out. i received an e-mail saying that a comment was posted at 6:31 pm but its not on the website yet.

amateur1's picture

Metal Detecting & Gold Hunting

Metal Detecting and Gold Hunting is the best thing sense "Buttered Bread"  "Yellow Fever, Catch It"Amateur1

jmann's picture


What a way to end the month.contradictions!!!!!!

F75se f70 omega8000 garrett pin pointer. Have used v3i dfx xlt minelab se pro at pro...........want xp my f75 se best detector on the market. Deepest by far!

john's picture

February Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations Charles Houston of Hillsboro, OR winner of the Bounty Hunter Platinum metal detector. Enjoy your new detector Charles.

jcast11's picture

First off, Congratulations Dave..

First off, Congratulations Dave.. I just wanted to know what State and City you are from. One more thing, How many times did you enter the contest??

shines13's picture

Way to go David!

Hope you find something shiney.

john's picture


Congratulations David Johnson, winner of the January sweepstakes. David won the Garrett AT Gold metal detector. Enjoy your new detector David.

davidlhyde63366's picture

yhey wipe the board clean at

yhey wipe the board clean at the beginung of the month, nice to have a fresh srart on it.

chuck ky's picture


this is the first day of a new giveaway there will be comments as soon as someone gets upset because they don't know what state last months winner was from. still like the contest and most of the commenters lately have pretty polite in their comments

Jeri's picture


Wow things are different... where are all the comments?


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