Antique Hand Held Mirrors - A Valuable Find For the Treasure Hunter

By Maria Da Silva
From page 27 of the April, 2012 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 2012 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

The woman sits at her dressing table, the morning sun spilling like golden milk upon her long hair as she painstakingly brushes its out.
When at last it glistens, she pulls it into a bun and pins it in place.
Her hands reach for an ornate silver-framed hand mirror. She inspects her reflection.
Satisfied, the mirror is gingerly set back on the table, a prized item that she simply can’t live without.
In years past, bedrooms had dressing tables where women would brush their hair and “put on their faces.”
Beautifully decorated, silver-framed hand mirrors were a fixture atop these tables. Almost every woman had one.
As mirrored glass became more affordable, hand-held mirrors fell out of style in favor of large, wall-mounted ones.
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