Treasure of the Crystal Skulls

By J.C. Fine
From page 18 of the November, 2012 issue of Lost Treasure
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Years before the latest Indiana Jones movie about lost crystal skulls was even conceived, underwater explorers found real Aztec crystal skulls on a sunken Spanish shipwreck in very deep water off the coast of Florida.
The story is bizarre.
Florida divers, commissioned by a South American family, direct descendants of the wife of the conqueror of Mexico, Hernan Cortez, found a shipwreck in deep water somewhere off the east coast of Florida.
The exact location remains a secret since the find is in international waters, more than 12 miles off the coast, and would be up for grabs on the high seas where piracy is alive and well.  
Aztec and Mayan crystal skulls have been shrouded in mystery, intrigue and suspicion for years. 
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