Lost Stage Robber S Loot In The City Of Rocks

By Resti Conoles
From page 16 of the August, 2007 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 2007 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

Late one afternoon in June 1876, a lone bandit held up the stage that ran from Boise Idaho, to Kelton, Utah, near the narrow headwaters of the Raft River in southern Idaho. The stage was making its regular run between the two towns and was carrying a strong box and five heavy packages consigned to the Wells Fargo office at Kelton valued at $150,000.

Joe Tuttle was the stage driver that day, and Harvey Randalls was assigned to ride shotgun. As the stage entered into a stretch of smooth road between two large boulders, a lone, masked man suddenly appeared. They were caught by surprise. A hold up was the farthest thing from Tuttles mind that day.

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