Sam Bass Treasure

By D. Atchley
From page 19 of the March, 2009 issue of Lost Treasure
Copyright © 2009 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

From the archives of the Breckenridge, Texas, library comes this story of Sam Bass, his outlaw gang and their buried treasure in Stephens County. Proof of this treasure used to sit on the front porch of the late Dr. John Hall in the form of a trash container, but, in reality, it was a rusty, old, metal strong box stolen by the Bass Gang during a train robbery. If this box could talk it could tell a tale of high adventure.

The history of the box dates back more than a century. It is one common with Wells Fargo which had been found in a creek near Denton, Texas, many years ago. The chest was hidden underwater in a creek bed. It was opened in haste and its contents removed quickly.

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