Gold In Michigan

By William E. Goode
From page 61 of the October, 1966 issue of True Treasure
Copyright © 1966 Lost Treasure, Inc. all rights reserved

There is gold in Michigan. You wont find it mentioned in encyclopedias, but you will find it in deserted gold mines and tailings in the upper peninsula, and in streams of the lower peninsula. Since the closing of the Ropes Gold Mine in Ispheming, Michigan in 1897, no gold has been officially taken from upper peninsula mines. But that doesnt mean that gold hasnt been and still isnt being dug out.

Dr. Douglas Houghton, Michigans first state geologist, found large coarse nuggets in a stream south of Lake Superior. But he drowned before he could tell of his find and the secret died with him. Following Houghtons death numerous mining enterprises appeared just south of his campsite. Considerable bullion has been taken from these mines.

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