Millennium Baron Ii
By Joe Patrick
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August, 2005 issue of Lost Treasure

It's been more than a few years since I've talked with Ron Shearer of Discovery Electronics so it was a pleasant surprise, as I arrived home one evening, to find a message on my answering machine from him a quick call back and we were soon 'catching up' on our past few year's activities.

After a few minutes, Ron casually mentioned that Discovery had a new, updated, Treasure Baron metal detector that was easier to operate and about 20% 'hotter' on depth and sensitivity than previous models plus, it now retains the last settings made in memory, so that on power up, the detector returns to the way it was last set.

Having successfully used an original 'red-box' Treasure Baron with Cointrax module for many years, I was extremely interested in this latest offering. So I asked Ron What's it called? He replied The Millennium Baron II.


The Millennium Baron II is a full-featured, multi-notching, target ID metal detector with a host of outstanding features and user-adjustable options and settings.

Unlike my original 'red-box' Treasure Baron, that was housed in a heavy-weight (nearly indestructible) die-cast metal enclosure, the new Millennium Baron II is housed in a lightweight and less 'flashy' black ABS plastic 'box'. I like the new box a lot, but I must admit that the old die-cast Baron was built like a tank!

One new feature of the Millennium Baron II is a Deep Search mode, which enables greater detection depth in mineralized ground.

The Millennium Baron II's settings are now maintained on power off. It automatically keeps an image of your current settings and continuously updates this image when you make changes. On power up, everything is set the same as before.

The Millennium Baron II has the following features, controls, settings and options:

Power Toggle switch, turns the unit ON and OFF
Mode Press the toggle switch right for the 'motion' Disc. mode ID and notch. Toggle to the center position for All Metal and Pinpoint. Press toggle momentary left for retune or hold for depth reading.
Threshold/Gnd Offset Toggle momentary right to increase Threshold or LED cursor position, momentary left to decrease Threshold or LED cursor position. Also used for GND Offset adjustment.
Enter/Menu Toggle momentary right to activate 'main menu' for selection using the LED bar graph. Toggle momentary left to 'Turbo Ground Balance' or confirm menu selection.
Pinpoint - Enables the pinpoint mode used in target recovery.
LED Bar Graph 10-segment, red, high-visibility LED bar graph for coin depth and ID indication. Also used to make program changes and to set multi-notching discrimination. 9 segments (blocks) are used for target ID, 1 segment is used as an error indicator during search. The block ID's are: 10 - Error 9 - Iron 8 - Foil 7 - 5 6 - Tab 5 - Zinc 4 - 10 3 - 25 2 - 50 1 - $1
ABS plastic housing Black, lightweight. Weighs just 3.7 pounds with batteries installed. Can be easily pole of hip-mounted. '
Hot keys' Some features can be set without going through the MENU system. They are: All Metal audio 'Threshold'. Toggle THRESHOLD/GND. OFFSET

All Metal Ground Balance 'Offset' Hold MODE and toggle OFFSET

Turbo Ground Balance. Toggle ENTER/MENU once to ENTER

Preset On The Millennium Baron II powers on preset in a 'general hunt' program with the following settings: Pinpoint sensitivity 7 Motion Disc. Sensitivity 8 Iron Discrimination only Auto-tune speed 7 Ground Tracking Speed 6 Target Tracking Inhibit On
Auto Ground Tracking The microprocessor will continually adjust the detector to prevailing ground mineralization and at the same time provide information on any detected metal.
No-motion pinpoint The All Metal mode is a non-motion mode enabling fast pinpointing or All Metal searching.
Coin Depth Reading 1 to 10 inches
Menu programming is used to select or set the following features: Notch Discrimination Standard Discrimination equivalent to a mechanical discrimination control on a standard metal detector

Preset operation of COIN, RING, RELIC or PRO, plus four user/custom 'programs'

All Metal/Pinpoint sensitivity
Motion ID mode sensitivity
Auto-tune speed
Tracking Inhibit ON/OFF Ground Tracking Speed

LED control Enables/Disables Smart Scan All Metal Sensitivity adjustment

All Metal Ground Balance Offset adjustment Disc Sensitivity adjustment

Auto-tune Speed adjustment

Ground Tracking Speed adjustment

Target Tracking Inhibit on/off

Deep Search mode and settings increased depth in mineralized ground

In addition to the above features, the Millennium Baron II also includes:

LED bar graph display of battery condition on power up Turbo Ground Balance fast automatic ground balancing Surface Mount electronics

Turn-On-and-Go (Preset) Operation Two-piece breakdown pole assembly

The Millennium Baron II requires eight AA batteries to operate. Battery life is approximately 10-20 hours with Alkalines. Battery installation and replacement is simple and easy. A removable battery door opens to expose the compartment and battery holder.

The Millennium Baron II is supplied with a High Energy 10-inch submersible concentric co-planar search coil. An optional 5.5-inch coil is available. The detector control box may be easily pole or hip mounted.

Field Use

Like my 'old' Treasure Baron with Cointrax, the Millennium Baron II is a 'solid' performer.

I always feel confident using it, knowing well its capabilities and that it will handle just about any site or search condition possible. With its abundance of user control and features, it is easily configured to meet the search conditions at hand, no matter how demanding.

During my field test, I used the Millennium Baron II at several different locations and found it to perform very well. However, in heavy-trash searching, it did suffer from some signal falsing and audio 'chatter' even at low sensitivity/high discrimination settings. Perhaps this was due to using the large, 10-inch, standard-size coil. I am curious to know if the 5.5-inch coil would help. I think it should.

The Millennium Baron II is an easy detector to adjust and control, once you've spent some time using it and have read the owners manual several times.

The new toggle switch 'interface' makes adjustments and 'programming' quick and easy. I especially like the unique bright-red LED target ID meter! It is very easy to see and interpret and it makes it extremely easy to make and view current operational settings or changes when required.

A few times, while detecting (wearing gloves), I accidentally turned the detector off as I reached for the mode switch to pinpoint a target (hip-mounted). The on/off power switch and mode switch are located very close to each other. Perhaps Discovery should consider changing the power switch to a pushbutton on/off type.

At one old site, where I had previously found many old silver coins and Indian Head cents, I added an additional two Indian Head Cents to my collection. My last few trips to this site using other detectors did not produce a single coin! The Millennium Baron II was able to easily 'sniff out' these cents an 1897 and 1901 which were about 8-inches deep. Their signals were unmistakable and they ID'd 'right on the money'!

One of my most notable finds during this test was a 1941 Mercury dime. Why? Well, this was a coin that was previously missed by many other detectorists including myself.

I found this coin in an area that I have searched many times with many different detectors since I got into the hobby of metal detecting in 1980. I also know that one of our local clubs has held several of their club hunts there. But the main reason that I know others missed this coin is because it was only two inches deep! I was surprised that the Millennium Baron II, with its large 10 coil was able to detect this small coin, as although it was only a few inches deep, it was located about six inches above and slightly off center from a large, rusted piece of Iron. Apparently, the Iron masked the coin enough that other detectors could not detect it. The Millennium Baron II even identified it correctly, as a dime, although the audio signal was breaking up somewhat.

During my field test, I found many other coins and items and it did not take long for me to realize just what a great detector the Millennium Baron II is. It felt great having this excellent performer strapped to my side!


 I wish that I had more space in this evaluation to go into more detail. However, the Millennium Baron II has just too many features and options to thoroughly cover here. It is truly a full-featured metal detector!

The Millennium Baron II is a metal detector that you will become very confident in using... knowing that it has excellent depth, sensitivity, ID and discrimination accuracy and versatility to provide outstanding results no matter what the hunt site or location. It is without doubt a 'professional-grade' metal detector used by those who demand the highest level of performance possible, but it can be successfully used by anyone, no matter what their experience level. Be prepared though, to put some 'serious' time, effort, use and study into it to become highly proficient although the preset modes are quite good, the Millennium Baron II requires commitment to get the most out of it. Discovery's Millennium Baron II is a metal detector that I can confidently recommend to anyone looking for 'top-notch', 'pro-level' performance coupled with versatility and an excellent combination of user adjustability and features.

The Millennium Baron II's retail price is $1149.00 and is covered by a Lifetime Limited warranty. Be sure to check one out!

For additional information, contact: Discovery Electronics, Inc., 1415 Poplar Street, Sweethome, OR 97386. Phone (541) 367-2585, FAX (541) 367-6690, Toll-free 1-800-337-4815

Millennium Baron Ii

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