Pride Go'eth Before A Fall...
By Grace Michael
From Page 4
July, 1995 issue of Treasure Facts
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How many of you have experienced a fall because of pride? I have and it was a disconcerting experience for me to go through. I felt I was wanting, lacking, remiss, and a whole bunch of other things.

Pride is a word conveying dual meanings. When I was a child, I was taught that I must never be proud, meaning I must never be vain, haughty, arrogant, conceited. I was told if I portrayed any of these qualities, I would surely realize a fall meaning, I would become subject to a higher power which would eke out retribution, forcing me (down) to realize humbling, degrading experiences.

I didnt realize until adulthood how necessary pride is to a happy, successful life. I learned that pride also means having proper respect for oneself and others. It is a quality of worthiness, esteem, regard. And this is the kind of pride I am talking about. If you lack this quality, it is simply another way of saying I dont care (about you, me).

What does it tell you and others if someone fills holes, leaves a search site in the same or better condition than it was found, gets permission before going on someone elses property, helps a fellow treasure hunter in any way (or any person for that matter), teaches someone to hunt, finds lost articles for others? Does it tell you that they have pride (respect, esteem, caring) for themselves, others and our hobby as a whole? And if someone doesnt do these things, what does it tell you?

If pride goeth before a fall, what happens in our hobby when pride goes, when a THer stops caring (loses his/her pride in the hobby) and stops following the THing Code of Ethics? The whole hobby suffers or falls. Sites are closed to us, permission to hunt is withheld, restrictions are imposed on us as a whole, not just on the individual(s) who have no pride in the hobby.

If we have pride we must show others that we have it by our behavior. If we dont show our pride or if we have so little pride we lack having worthwhile values, dont care about ourselves and others, and fail to set good examples of behavior, we are apt to realize a fall.

THINK: Pride brings respect, esteem, praise, worthiness, growth. Lack of pride brings contempt, reproach, criticism, condemnation, restriction.

Isnt pride something we should strive for, develop, hang on to, practice day in and day out? Especially in view of the alternative When pride goes, the fall follows.

Enjoy the summer and

Take PRIDE in your hobby!

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